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My name is Jeanette Wood although I often sign my name, Mrs. Joseph Wood. If you wonder about my curious signature you can read that story HERE. I am married to Joseph Wood who is truly my best friend! I am the mother of ten children; six that were born from us physically and four that were born from our hearts through adoption. My dear Joe is an OTR driver delivering quality, natural food from Azure Standard. We have been customers with Azure Standard for multiple years and were blessed in July of 2010 when they asked us to haul loads to the Midwest for them. Azure is currently delivering to 22 states! If you would like to find a drop near you, please use our contact us page to reach me and I would be delighted to help you!

Our family is truly a work in progress! Our home wasn't always striving for health. There was a time that "quick", "easy" and "cheap" motivated my menu planning. I still remember the day the Lord convicted me of being nutritionally neglectful with the meals I was setting before those I loved most. I realized that the "wise woman" builds her house up in many ways including the meals she provides for her family. It's been an amazing journey since that day!

Throughout our marriage we have lived what many call a, Self-Sufficient" lifestyle. However, in our home we call it a, "God-Sufficient" lifestyle. It didn't take us long to go from our dream home in the city to a tent in the high Sierras, before we realized that any success we were making had very little to do with 'self' and everything to do with God. Washing clothes in the creek, cooking over a wood cook stove (my favorite part of the adventure), harvesting native plants for our meals (ranking a high second on my list of favorites), using our creeks and springs to cool food and gravity feed the cabin, as well as building our own cabin were just a few of the activities we did each day. Today, we live on 16 acres with modern convinces in Topeka, Kansas yet, each of us hold precious memories and skills from our days off the grid. We continue to use the skills learned to be resourceful with all we have been blessed with. We raise our own pasture raised meat, milk cows and goats, enjoy fresh farm eggs, collect honey from our bee hives and expand our garden each year!

This blog was created to share recipes from my home to yours. To encourage you where ever you are in the process of providing nutritional meals for your family and to learn from you too! I love to share Azure Standard products, as well as menus that are friendly to the budget and delicious to the appetite and nutritious! I love hearing from others, so feel free to chime in from time to time and share your own experience and knowledge. I am confident we can all learn together!

Because of His Grace,
Mrs. Joseph Wood

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