Sunday, March 13, 2011

Have You Ever Wondered? “Rolled Oats”

“Have you wondered” is a place where you can ask those questions not often found in kitchen references and somehow didn’t get passed to the next generation. Such as, how much flour does a cup of wheat berries make? or how do you roll oat groats? When do you know an egg is bad? and a 100 other questions that seem to come up from time to time as we work in the kitchen. I have asked many of these questions myself, over the years, so I’m excited to share. I don’t’ claim to always have the answer but I will do my best to find it!

Today I wanted to share a little bit about Rolled Oats:

Oat Groats are the original state of oats before they are rolled. (I know for myself I didn’t realize this until many years later in our marriage.) I like to keep whole foods in my home and ‘open’ (grind or roll) them when I go to use them thus keeping the highest amount of nutrition available.  We grind our oat groats into a flour and use for cookies and other goodies. I know others eat oat groats whole as a hot cereal. However, the most common method of using our oat groats is rolling them for granola and making our own breakfast cereals.

If you have a stand mixer such as Kitchen Aid or Bosch see if they offer you a roller attachment. You’ll need that attachment if you plan to roll your own oats. I personally have a DLX mixer and use it daily! Below you’ll see pictures of the children putting the roller attachment onto the machine and rolling the oats.

OH! and just in case you’ve always wondered how many cups of rolled oats 1 cup of oat groats would make we’ve got that answer for you too!


My mixer with roller attachment not connected


The machine set up with the measuring cup underneath.


1 cup of Oat Groats


Makes 2 cups of Rolled Oats in less than two minutes!

There you have it…. just in case you’ve ever wondered! Smile 

Until our next chat,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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