Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Radiation… realization!

20533_1228784085347_1401440974_30542037_3901934_nI’m sitting at my desk with the fresh breeze blowing through my windows. The house is quiet as the boys are out in the woods having their latest adventures, while my daughters are quietly reading in a chair behind me. I’m thankful for the peaceful life we are blessed to enjoy. The green pastures, the animals that freely graze, the chickens that roam, and the herbs from last year that are beginning to burst through the soil we’ve carefully tended. As I sit here, I ponder that at any moment disaster can strike; without warning, without delay life can change abruptly. My heart goes out to all the families that have been impacted by the disaster in Japan.

When life events such as these take place I begin to evaluate the information bombarding us through the media and carefully consider what I know that could be helpful, resources I trust for good information, and what my response should be. I am thankful for the resource that I have in Azure Standard. Azure offers some of the best products from the best companies available. One such company and product is Redmond Clay (HB214). Since the tragedy in Japan I have been asked several times about my thoughts on radiation protection and detoxing suggestions. Today, I came across these publications (Protection from Radiation Exposure by Perry A and  Redmond Clay: A High Affinity Sorbent of Aflatoxin B and Cholera Toxin by Dr. Kim L. O’Neill and Joshua D. Stubblefield )that I found most insightful. I encourage you to take some time to read them for yourself. Some of the highlights that I appreciated were:

“Right now, everyone on earth is bathed in a soup of radioactive energy. There has never before been a time when it was more important to cleanse our bodies of ever present radiation.”

Keep in mind this article was written BEFORE the incident in Japan. Radioactive energy and the necessity of detoxing was important to us BEFORE the accident, is absolutely important to us now, and will continue to be a matter of importance.

“No matter what we do, no matter how health conscious we’ve become, no matter
what precautions are taken, our bodies are radiated daily. It is crucially important to counter, to remove this radiation and the resultant damage from our bodies on a daily basis.  There is nothing better for this purpose than using a quality living clay on a daily basis.”

I appreciated the article giving very simple, practical steps for dealing with radioactive emergencies. Directions on how much clay is needed and how often, is clearly written out in the article. This isn’t some ’magical’ cure. This is simply good science! As explained by the author,

“radioactive material is of a positive charged ion.  Calcium Bentonite Clay is a negative charged ion.  Simply put, Calcium Bentonite Clay adsorbs and absorbs, capturing positive charged ions and you wash them off or pass them through your body.  Unlike other clays, only Smectites (Bentonites) can absorb and adsorb. It is characterized by its expandable properties.”

I encourage you to consider the importance of taking Redmond Clay as part of your normal diet and know how to use it in cases of emergencies. I believe this is something all of us should consider as we sit, wherever it might be, in the peace that we know and call home. We never know what tomorrow might bring and therefore, we must be diligent about becoming informed and exercised in good healthy choices now.


“Radiation is a real health problem.  Calcium Bentonite Clay is the real solution.”


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