Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Redmond Clay- You’re never to old to play in clay!

hb214_jpg_300x300_q85My husband, Joe, has enjoyed picking up products for Azure Standard. He’s met some wonderful people along the way. However, I haven’t heard him excited about a company like he was about Redmond Clay. He was given a tour, some samples and information before he parted with handshakes and smiles. Soon after, he was on the phone with me wanting to make sure that we had this wonderful resource available in our home. He was thrilled when he learned we had been using it for years.

Redmond Clay also known as Bentonite Clay has a negative electrical charge. It attracts the positively charged toxins. We’ve used this for children that came in contact with poison ivy and poison oak, insect bites, and bee stings with great success. The girls have even used it regularly as a facial mud. Not only is Bentonite clay good for external use but internal as well. Aiding to relieve diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux and many other digestive disorders. You don’t want to miss this free e-booklet with personal stories and testimonies how how Redmond Clay has been used in other households! I have posted the link for this resource and invite you to download their free e-book called, “We Eat Clay (and wear it, too!")” badge_ebook

Not all Bentonite Clay is the same! We have purchased ours from a variety of sources over the years and found that in comparison to the Redmond Clay there was truly a difference! Redmond Clay was ‘cleaner’ looking, light and powdering, and fine in texture. It actually feels good to apply!

Azure Standard offers top quality, natural products such as Redmond Clay (HB214). Please visit their site for information on how you can order this product for your own family. You’ll also notice in the product description some important information about collection, supplement facts, and even find an old time remedy!


Mrs. Joseph Wood

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