Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rice Milk Strawberry Banana Smoothie… oh…. sooo good!

I can’t think of any other mid afternoon treat that my family enjoys more than a good smoothie! Today, I had Beth-Joy journey into the kitchen to use the rice milk and strawberries I had in the freezer. What came out of the kitchen was a delicious combination of bananas, strawberries and rice milk! If you’re new to “rice milk” let me give you a proper introduction!

Rice Milk Item number: DA124  Rice milk a delicious addition to your healthy diet. Rice Milk is an all natural, non-dairy beverage. While it may be lactose free, cholesterol free, and gluten free it is NOT free of flavor! Rice Milk provides you with as much calcium and vitamin D as milk. Rice milk is processed from brown rice making it a large source of carbs yet is low in fat. Keep in mind that rice milk is not meant to replace infant formula. For our smoothies today we used the plain rice milk however, Azure Standard also carries a vanilla flavor as well (Item number: DA126). For this recipe you could even use the Almond Milk if you like. Item number: DA090 We find that rice milk gives the smoothie a nice light flavor and leaves us feeling refreshed!

Now, that you’ve been properly introduced to Rice Milk let’s get busy making a delicious smoothie!


You’ll need 3 cups of Rice Milk


2 cups of frozen Strawberries


1 Banana chopped


Blend until smooth! If you would like to have a sweeter flavor feel free to add: 1/8 cup of raw honey (I love Azure’s Orange Blossom Honey item number: SW115) It’s that easy! There are countless other options. Blueberries (item number: FG012) and Banana is another hit over here in our home.

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