Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kitchen Table Conversations- Let’s talk Salt!

kitchen2Kitchen Table Conversations is a place that I can share with you as one friend from another. I’m not a doctor and I don’t claim to be offering medical advice. Only my thoughts, personal experience, and research. So with that said, grab your favorite cup of tea and join me for some Kitchen Table Conversation!

“If a dish is good it’s better with salt”, or so I tell my family. My husband has often reminded me that “salt is bad for you” or so that’s what we hear. We have been using sea salt from Azure for many years now and yet, we keep hearing that salt needs to be limited. Really?

I’ve been reading a book by Dr. David Brownstein called, Salt your way to health that is clearly written, easy to read and full of information. I strongly encourage you to read this reference for yourself.

According to Dr. Brownstein, The type of salt we add to our diets is critical! It must be salt that hasn’t been contaminated by pollutants, harvested with heavy machinery, stripped of it’s natural minerals, or washed in harsh chemicals.

Azure carries Celtic Sea Salt (item number: BP112) by Selina Naturally that has been hand harvested from the pristine coastal regions of France. I have tasted this salt and it is indeed delicious!

Azure also offers Real Salt (BP104) that has been hidden deep in the ancient salt deposits near the small town of Redmond, Utah. These deep deposits have protected the salt from harmful air pollutants. Redmond Real Salt products have been a new addition in our home that we are delighted to use in a variety of ways. In fact, I even tried adding it to my cheese. I’m still not sure that I was happy with the course addition (I used the granular salt) so next time I’ll try using their Fine Real Salt (Item number: BP064) shaker.

Both of these salts, Real Salt and Celtic Sea Salt are unrefined. Offering our bodies the much needed minerals they have to offer. In fact, according to Dr. Brownstein unrefined salt contains over 80 minerals  and elements- natural elements that the body needs! I am happy to use both of these salts in my home!

Some worry about the expense of unrefined salt. Refined salt  is very cheap. I propose that it is so cheap because it cheaply, at best, adds anything  worthwhile to your body! Don’t cheat yourself out of using and benefiting from unrefined salt! We are a family of twelve that must live on a budget ourselves. I understand watching costs however, in this case I believe that refined salt is costing our health more than it could ever save me!

I’ve only skimmed the surface in this topic. We haven’t even talked about the health benefits of adding unrefined salt to our diets, the importance of a neutral pH and how unrefined salt needs to be the salt of choice for this process. Oh, yes and what about the dangers of these “low salt’ diets that we have being pushed on us, thyroid disorders, and…. Well, as it is with most Kitchen Table Conversations there just never seems to be enough time to share it all.

Until our next chat…

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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