Friday, March 4, 2011

Frugal Friday- Pack A Snack Bag!

Spring is almost here! Typically, that means we’ll be traveling a bit more. We enjoy days at the park with friends, picnics at the zoo, not to mention days of errands that can keep us out longer than we anticipated. It’s vital that I have taken the time to have healthy snacks when we’re on the go or I’ll be faced with making unwanted processed food purchases. When you have days that take you away from home do you pack a healthy snack bag for the car?

I’m delighted to report that with the help of Azure Standard we can pack a healthy snack bag frugally!

Let’s get started filling our bag! First, we’ll want to make sure we bring plenty of water. When my children were younger, I gave each child a spill proof cup that was there responsibility and only used for the car.

df137_jpg_300x300_q85Apple Chips (Item number: DF137) I’m always being asked for healthy snack ideas. Apple chips definitely rank at the top of that list! Dried fruit is my favorite for the car since fresh fruit can be too messy. Quite often we purchase fresh apples from Azure’s produce to make our own apple chips. There are times when the busy days of motherhood prevent me from having as much on hand as I would like. That’s when Bare Fruit Apple Chips are a wonderful alternative! 100% organic with no preservatives make this a prized purchase! Apple Chips are a low calorie but high flavor snack to pack in our bag! This month Azure is offering them at a 15% discount! That means we can add these to our bag for only 1.95!

Trail Mix is a favorite in our house! We can also pick up a 1lb bag of Trial Mix Chocolate Sunshine Organic Mix (Item number NU137)This will most certainly last us for more than one trip so let’s divide it up in containers just for our trip. Coming in at only .61 cents a serving!

ic085_jpg_300x300_q85Arrowroot Maple Cookies (item number IC086) These cookies were especially created with little hands in mind. The only cookie that is organic and meets the nutritional needs of a toddler! A box of cookies is available for only 2.50 cents!




Turkey Jerky (Item number: GY346 ) I might even add a bag of Turkey Jerky to our snack bag. Normally the children will share a bag depending on what treats we’ve put into our snack bag! Only 6.90 for this healthy snack that is made from turkeys that are raised on a natural diet, with no hormones or growth stimulants!

sc569_jpg_300x300_q85Newman- O’s Mint cream filled cookie, Peanut butter filled cookie, or crème filled cookie. All of these are on sale right for 15% off! A serving size of the peanut butter cream filled cookie is only 1.80!



These are just a few of the things that we have added to our snack bag. Our bag is continually changing based off of our appetite and Azure’s great sales. If you want to see Azure sale items to plan your menu or your family’s snack bag you can download that free of charge  by visiting: 

Until our next chat….

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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