Friday, January 21, 2011

Pondering, Plotting, Planning, Dreaming!

As I sit in the warmth of the house, I look out upon the snow covered fields and raised beds. I enjoy the season we're in at the moment however, my heart dreams of Spring! Spring and Fall are positively my favorite seasons of the year. Yet, I utilize each season so I can enjoy my favorite seasons most! In winter I must be busy pondering, plotting, planning and even do some dreaming so that my Spring will be full of purposeful and well planned out activity. I ponder the dirt and wonder how much better it will be this year than last. I consider, did I add enough kelp and other organic matter? I wonder how the berries will do having struggled for the last couple of years, I plot how many more raised beds I can add this year, I begin to plan how much of each plant I will need, and then I start to dream.. dream of seeds and my 2011 harvest that will surely follow with the Lord's blessing.

This happens to me every January... I ponder, I plot, I plan.... I dream! Do you find yourself busy in January so you'll be ready for Spring? I would love to hear what seeds you'll be adding to your garden next year. I enjoy the heirloom seeds and especially the "old" varieties that most have forgotten about. Here are a few we'll be adding to our order this month!

Item Number: GP318 For only 1.80 you can have these sweet beefsteak tomato seeds originally from Germany. Pale green with a hint of yellow in color they are delightful to look at as well as eat in salads and even fried. Individual tomatoes often weigh up to a pound or more! Make sure you start the seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before your last frost. If you would like to learn the frost dates for your area of the country you might find this site helpful: Dave's Garden you simply enter your zip code and up comes a very helpful and informative chart! 

Black Valentine Bush Beans don't those just sound captivating? I have never grown this variety and am eagerly awaiting with anticipation of what the harvest will taste like! They are known for creating a bountiful harvest of jet black seeds in string-lessslender pods! Item number: GP331 

So, tell me what's your plotting, planning and pondering leading you to dream of..... I would love to hear!

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