Friday, March 18, 2011

Frugal Friday- Fast… and healthy!

Sometimes I just need something quick and easy but healthy too! I typically make things from scratch and enjoy doing so however, busy farm life can cause for some long days and that’s when some of the frozen entrees at Azure are a HUGE blessing!

This month and next Azure is offering several frozen entrees on sale! Here are some of my favorite finds!

fg051_jpg_300x300_q85Vegetable Lasagna (FG052) 15% off! This is made by Amy’s one of my favorites that Azure carries. You can taste the quality! No meat, fish, poultry or eggs used in this dish.. actually in any of Amy’s products.




fg039_jpg_300x300_q85Vegetable Pot Pie (FG040) 15% off! This is a dish that Joe loves to take on the road with him. Not phony in flavor! All natural and organic ingredients are used making this pot pie taste home made!

And don’t forget dessert!!




amy_es_almond-toffee_4_jpg_300x300_q85Amy E’s Bakery Almond Toffee (SC032) is 15% off right now and looks absolutely delicious… I do think this will have to find it’s way in my cart and cabinets without the children discovering it!





Until our next chat…

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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