Monday, March 14, 2011

Healthy Hospitality

What does the word, ‘hospitality’ mean to you? I know for our family it means a time of service to someone that we may not know or someone that is a long time friend. It is a time to open our home to a stranger or a friend. It is an opportunity to offer them rest and a healthy meal for their journey. This next week we will have the honor of serving three different families that are driving through our part of the country. Each family is unique and quite a treasure. No special allergies or food requests were made so I’ll be looking to Azure for some healthy meals that are worthy of the guests that will be sitting around our kitchen table!

Here’s a few of my menu ideas so far. Do you have another idea you’d like to suggest? I would love to hear from you!

Breakfast ideas:
  1. Strawberry Smoothies made with Natural Strawberries (FG448), Rice Milk (DA126), and a combination of some herbs that we like to start the day with. We’ll serve these with some farm fresh eggs mixed with Azure’s sweet pepper mix ( QP306- I LOVE this mix by the way!) and some Garlic Gold Oil (OL025) I might even add a spelt english muffin (FG276) with some organic butter (DP051)
  2. Buttermilk Pancakes (BM041) along with some Breakfast sausage Chicken and Apple (MT097) and apple juice (JS394)
Lunch ideas:
  1. Sprout Sandwich- I will be serving this on some home made whole wheat bread with sprouts that we have grown from our Azure sprout mix (SE039) I’ll give people the option of having fresh chopped garlic (QP085), avocado (QP082) or  sundried tomatoes (GY238) on their sandwich. Served with some baby carrots (QP065) and buttermilk dressing (CO021) on the side.
  2. Homemade pizza to include an assortment of goodies we have on hand. Perhaps some organic raw cheese (CH096), olives (GY190), mushrooms GY572) and whatever else I might desire at the moment of baking.
Dinner ideas:
  1. Chicken Alfredo made with Azure’s Alfredo Sauce (QS084)
  1. We have some carrot cakes that we’ve made up and froze for guests. We also have some pear crisps that we can chose from.
I don’t like to send my guests away empty handed and since they each have children I will be giving them a bag of organic lollipops (SC651) to take on the road.
Well, that’s what I have so far. It might change as it comes together but for the most part I believe this menu will serve it’s purpose well!

Until our next chat..
Mrs. Joseph Wood

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