Monday, January 17, 2011

Beef Stew

Step One:
Cut 5lbs of beef (organic pasture raised) into Lg 1/4inch chunks and place on cookie tray. Generously season with:
Celtic Sea Salt (Code: BP112)
Organic Pepper (Code: HS604)
and Garlic Powder (Code: HS074)
Bake at 350 for 15min
Step Two:
Now place into stew pot with 2TBL organic beef broth (Code: QS016), 1 bulb of garlic (Code: QP324)& cook over medium heat for 20min then add 4cups water and turn on low.
Step Three:
Chop the following:
6 Lg potatoes (Code: QP034)
1 stock celery (Code: QP063)
1 yellow onion (Code: QP018)
Put 1/4cup coconut oil in Lg skillet. Add all chopped veggies & cook till tender. Then add to stalk pot along with 4cubs beef broth (Code: QS016). Cook on high till boiling then turn down to low & cook till thick. Aprox 4hrs.
After 4hrs your stew should look like this and taste amazing!

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