Thursday, March 31, 2011

Product Spotlight: Beth's Herbal Tea

imageTea is a one of our many favorite beverages! When I first started making my own teas, I was excited to learn that Azure Standard carried everything I needed. Azure carries many wonderful herbs that aid our family in many ways.

Here is just one of our favorite recipes during the flu season.

Beth's Herbal Tea:
1 tablespoon of Ground Cinnamon (item # HS592)
1 tablespoon of Echinacea (item # HS687)
1/2 teaspoon of Lavender flowers (item # HS092)
1 teaspoon of Peppermint leaves (item # HS177)

Mix all the herbs together and fill your tea ball (item # HA014) Heat water and allow your tea ball to rest in your hot water for approximately 3 minutes. Longer or shorter to meet your personal preference. If you want to make a large amount we've found that using a coffee pot to make our herb teas works out nicely. We simply put a coffee filter in like usual (item # NF647) place herbs in filter where you would normally place your coffee. Pour your water in the machine and brew as usual. This has been very helpful when several of us would like a quick hot cup of tea at the same time. Pour yourself a cup of tea, sweeten with your favorite honey (mine is Berry/Wildflower honey #SW009) and ENJOY!

Until our next visit,
Beth Joy

Beth Joy is the second oldest daughter of Joe and Jeanette Wood. She serves her family cheerfully in the home business and on the farm. She enjoys the garden, preparing herbal remedies for the family and caring for our animals naturally.

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