Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Spring Notes

Hello Friends!

I am writing this note the week in advance so that we’ll be able to take April 15th to April 25th off for our Spring Vacation. I know others may not be on ‘vacation’ so these reminders may prove helpful.  The Annual Spring Vacation announcement is listed on the Azure home page. In fact, if you take a look Azure always posts their announcements on the bottom right hand side of the home page. Keep a frequent eye on those links so you can stay informed about changes that might be happening. I have copied the announcement for your reference here:

“March 31, 2011

Please note that our warehouse will be closed for our annual spring vacation Friday, April 15th through Monday, April 25th.

UPS orders placed after 4 pm on Thursday, April 14th will not be processed until Monday, April 25th, and will be shipped out as soon as possible upon our return.

Will Call Dufur orders will need to be placed no later than 4 pm Thursday, April 14th and will be available for pick up Monday, April 18th.

Will Call Moro orders will need to have their orders placed no later than 4pm on Thursday, April 14th for pick up Friday, April 15th.

Our call center will be open during this time, but will have minimal staff.
There are no early cutoffs. Please check your Schedule of Deliveries for details.”

The March/April sales at Azure have almost come to and end. There were some wonderful products offered at amazing prices. I especially took this opportunity to stock up on some Oregon Spice products. I know others really enjoyed several of the Biokleen products that were on sale. Then there were the breads offered through Rudi’s that I used to stock the freezer up for those busy mornings! Oh, yes! And the Stahlbush Island fruits and veggies that were a great addition to the freezer as well! Watching the sales at Azure Standard can save us an incredible amount of money but also save us much time. Looking through the FREE sales flyer is really worth our time and effort. You can add a free flyer to your cart by simply clicking the link I have listed above and then “add to cart”. I would strongly encourage you to subscribe to their publications. Not only do they send you the sales flyers and catalog but you’ll also get the information book and the recipe book that contains several family treasures. 

Make sure you take time to look at the variety of plants available through Sarah’s Starts. If you put off ordering your plants I’m afraid they’ll be gone, so take time to go through the site and get the plants you need for the season. She has a sale going on right now for a FREE start of lettuce when you order 12 or more 4” pots and/or herbs pots or 6-packs or flowers. Remember, Sarah’s starts are not only organic, but heirloom so you can save seeds for next year!


The M-1 order cut off is April 26th so make sure you have your order completed so you don’t miss your Azure delivery.

The M-2 order cut off is May 10th If you are on the M-2 route and still want to take advantage of these March/April sales simply complete and SUBMIT your order before April 30th. Once you submit it you will not be able to resume that order or make any changes to it. You can always start a new order and submit two orders for the month if you need to add on some last minute items.If you have any questions about this please let me know BEFORE April 30th and I would be more than happy to help you.

Have a wonderful Spring Vacation.

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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