Monday, January 31, 2011

The National Peanut Butter Winner Is….

Last week, January 24th, was National Peanut Butter day. I asked for submissions of everyone’s favorite peanut butter recipe on our Facebook page.  If you haven’t yet joined us you can do so by visiting: The recipes, along with photos will be shared for each of the entries. You can view them on our Facebook page under, “photos” and then, “National Peanut Butter Day”. We look forward to seeing you over there and getting to know you more!

Azure offers a variety of peanut butters for your family. My favorite is, MaraNatha’s Chunky salted peanut butter or  Creamy salted natural peanut butter by Natural Value. Peanut butter has been used in stews and sauces for centuries. However, peanut butter as we know it today did not become popular until the late 1800’s. Dr. George Washington Carver is recognized for his research and development for over 300 uses for peanuts. According to Peanut Butter Lovers, peanut butter became popular at the Universal Exposition of 1904 in St. Louis when C.H. Summer first introduced his peanut butter to the world. Providing 8-9 grams of protein for every two tablespoons means that peanut butter is a great source of protein! If you’re not use to buying natural peanut butter you’ll want to know a few simple things:

  • Peanut butter needs to be refrigerated after you open it.
  • Natural peanut butter does separate. Simply stir and you’re ready to enjoy your favorite peanut butter recipe!
  • You can store peanut butter for six months unopened and then another six months in the refrigerator.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their favorite peanut butter recipe. We have selected five entries to be tested in our kitchen. The children have picked the winner out of the following recipes.


Our first entry was: “Grab a tablespoon. Unscrew P-nut Butter lid. Dip spoon into P-nut butter. Eat. Repeat with new spoon :-)” This was a hit for sure!!


Our second entry selected was: “Take a slice of bread, put in toaster. Once it's toasted spread peanut butter on it.” Could eating peanut butter get any better than spread on a slice of Sprouted Bread?


The third entry submitted was a peanut butter no bake protein ball! I loved this idea and have decided to add this to my list of healthy snacks! If you would like the recipe make sure you check the Healthy Snack photo album on our Facebook Page


Our fourth recipe to try out in the kitchen was the Peanut Butter Bars. My 13 year old said that if organic always tasted this good no one would eat any other way!


And the final recipe submitted and taste tested was the Thai Peanut Noodles. This was the first time for our family to taste Thai food. I used all my products from Azure Standard except for the Thai Chili sauce simply because they don’t carry that product. I liked knowing that this could be made with natural, non GMO products.

And the winner was…..

PEANUT BUTTER BARS submitted by Julie B.from South Dakota!!!! CONGRATULATIONS Julie!!!! We will also be hosting your recipe with photos on the blog’s index page titled, “Peanut Butter Bars” Thank you again to everyone who participated!!!

Until next time,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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