Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy National Dark Chocolate Day!!!

Since today is National Dark Chocolate Day I thought it was only right to celebrate!  First, I would like to publicly thank the monks for discovering this treat, Hernando Cortez for adding sugar to this delicious delicacy and for all the others who have went before me with hard work and dedication to bring us what we now know as Dark Chocolate! You have done well!!!

Personally, I prefer my dark chocolate all alone… just me and the chocolate for an intimate moment, a delicious moment, a perfect moment! My children laugh because I have often kept some dark, organic, chocolate on my desk to simply smell. A few weeks ago I decided to finally enjoy them; I savored every bite… it was divine!

Azure Standard offers us a variety of dark chocolate products to satisfy the inward need for such a delightful treat! I would encourage you to visit Azure and do a product search with the words, “dark chocolate” and just see all the magic that appears!

Here are just a few:

Cherries, Tart, Dark Chocolate coated, Organic! Just the title of this product makes me hungry! Item number: SC583

dark chocolate cherries

Dark Chocolate…. do I need to say more???? Item number: SC272


Diary Free? Not a problem!! You can still eat your chocolate! Item number: SC545


Bottom line is that if you ever needed a reason to enjoy your dark chocolate today is “officially” that day! So… take a moment to stop, smell the aroma, and taste the rich, real flavor that only dark chocolate can offer!

Until our next chat,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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