Monday, February 7, 2011

Glorious Ginger


Ginger has been treasured throughout history dating back as far as 3000 years ago; known as a spice of value. In fact, this herb held so much value to the ancient Romans that one pound of ginger was equal to the price of a whole sheep! When the Roman empire fell ginger almost became lost in history until Europe re-discovered it. Ginger, also known as “horn root” owes Marco Polo his due for bringing ginger back to Europe after a trip to the far east. Ginger is in the same ‘family’ as turmeric and cardamom; native to Southern Asia. Ginger grows easily in tropical settings and is quite popular in the Caribbean Islands. It is often called, ginger root when in actuality it is a rhizome. According to Wordnetweb, “A rhizome is a horizontal plant stem with shots above and roots below serving as a reproductive structure”

While Ginger is popular for it’s vivacious flavor it has been just as popular for it’s medicinal purposes. Throughout history, there has been mention to the powerful health benefits that ginger offers. Just to list a few:

Anticlotting agent




Circulatory stimulant


and much more…. To learn more about Ginger you may want to read, Ginger, Common Spice and Wonder Drug item number: BK180 By Paul Schulick. Mr. Schulick lists ginger as the universal medicine with hundreds of scientific references.

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