Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Traveling and making healthy food choices along the way…

The Wood family is delighted to be heading to Virginia!! I am determined that this 900 mile journey will not consist of junk food and drinks nor will there be any stops  at the typical fast food restaurants that litter our highways! So, how does a family of 12 travel and remain consistent to eat affordable and healthy meals? Well, as you can guess, it takes some consideration and preparation ahead of time. Yesterday, I asked our Facebook readers to share some healthy food suggestions for travel. I loved the variety of sharing that went on! I will be using several of the ideas presented along with the menu my daughter, Beth-Joy, has  created for us. Do you have healthy food suggestions too? We would love to hear from you!

Here’s our menu thus far:

Thursday pm Snack: Popcorn (GR024) cooked on the stovetop in Coconut oil (OL007) and seasoned with Real Salt (BP064)

Friday am meal: Meeting with Friends in KY and eating breakfast with them.

Friday noon meal: Chicken sandwich (this is being made with a pasture raised chicken we have boiling down today and home made whole wheat bread)along with dried apples (DF003)

Friday pm meal: Taco Salad made up in advance served with blue chips (SN156)

Friday snacks: Jerkey (GY345) cheese sticks (CH143) hard boiled eggs (DP145)

Sunday am meal: Home made granola (recipe can be found on our Facebook page.)with yogurt (DP037)

Sunday noon meal: peanut butter (NB040) and jelly (JC065)sandwich with fresh apples (QP023)

Sunday snacks: assorted nuts: Pecans (NU037), walnuts (NU058) as well as offering Sunflower seeds (SE096) with raisins(DF064)

Sounds like yummy travels are ahead for the Wood family!

Until our next chat…

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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