Friday, April 8, 2011

The Journey...

Each family has their own journey to health. Some of us are forced to make radical changes aburuptly while others, like myself, have taken baby steps through the transformation process. I've learned that I had to deliberately alter my way of thinking when it came to creating a healthy home for my family. I also have leanred that it wasn't the few huge changes that I've seen the most benefit from rather, it's been the collection of small daily choices that brought about the most benefit for me personally. I've done a great deal of learning along the way. I've had countless discusions with others that allowed me to glean from their experience and knowledge. I've enjoyed the hours of research and books I've read. Some of my favorites are: Nouishing Traditions, Milk The Untold Story, Real Food What to eat and why, as well as my newest favorite...Health for Godly Generations!

Today, I am honored to share an article that Merissa Alink wrote on how she's making the switch to natural and organic products. Merissa has been ordering with Azure Standard for the last three years on the J4 route. I encourage you to take a visit to Little House Living and read some of the simple and effective ways she's making progress for health!

Do you have a tip to share about how you're making the journey to heathier eating? I would love to hear!

Until our next chat...
Mrs. Joseph Wood

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